Case studies

The Book Unbound case studies focus on a series of companies and organisations whose activities are shaped and are shaping the digital environment. The case studies have been constructed from primary research including interviews with key personnel in all the organisations and from secondary research. More details of each company and organisation can be found on their respective pages:

And Other Stories

And Other Stories is a new publisher, established in 2009 as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in order to develop a literary and community-based approach to literary publishing, including audiences via its acquisitions processes and through subscriptions for forthcoming book publications. It focuses on contemporary writing, and promotes translated work in particular.

Blasted Heath

Blasted Heath is a new Scottish publisher, established in 2011. It is predominantly digital, with a particular focus on crime fiction. It came about through the collaboration of Allan Guthrie, a literary agent and a crime writer who had self-published some of his own work, and Kyle Macrae, whose prior experience in social media marketing led him to question how authors publishing through traditional routes and  via new digital models, could be assisted.

Blasted Heath is also associated with Bloody Scotland  (Scotland’s first international crime writing festival). It published a free ebook of winning short stories from an online competition. 

Canongate TV

Canongate is an established independent publisher located in Edinburgh and London. Recently, it has developed its consumer-focused digital marketing activities as “”, a content-driven website showcasing their authors and books, with a multi- and cross-media approach, integrating social media.

Faber Factory

Faber Factory is a new development from the long-established and prestigious publishing company Faber & Faber, which was established in 1929. Developing from the Independent Alliance of independent publishing companies in the UK, Faber is now offers digital conversion, production, marketing, distribution and account management services to other mid-size and small independent publishers.

Guardian Books

Guardian Books is part of Guardian News and Media Limited, and has been in existence since the early 2000s, publishing a variety of print and digital books, deriving content and authors from the newspaper and reflecting its editorial scope. It also runs the online Guardian Bookshop, which retails other publishers’ books. It has recently started digital publishing in the shape of Guardian Shorts.