iPad app

The Book Unbound research takes a practical and experimental mode, in the creation of a digital publication for the iPad.
It is using new software – the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite – which, Adobe claims,  allows cost efficient creation of tablet publications, easy entry to digital markets for publishers, repurposing of content for multiple devices and protection of intellectual property. The core of the experiment is the testing of new technologies, and the consequent analysis of the ways in which cutting-edge technologies are affecting processes of disintermediation in the publishing supply chain. The experiment will demonstrate how such technologies empower authors and SME publishers by allowing them to compete on an equal footing with bigger players in the literary marketplace.
The digital publication thus created – a literary journal showcasing work from the University of Stirling MLitt in Creative Writing – is a by-product of the research and development. Digital publication enables cross-media work, and the exploration of convergence in artistic forms will form part of the content creation and commissioning undertaken by the student team. The process of the research and development is recorded and disseminated via the blog, and presented at the Electric Bookshop showcase event.